End-to-End Native Forest Solutions

If you are looking to establish a native forest or invest in one, we can help.

A platform for investing in NZ Native Forests

Simple and Rewarding

Using our platform allows you to access a simple end-to-end service that provides you regulatory verified carbon credits you can use to sell, invest or offset.


Our platform allows you to track your investment at any time, to the location of the seedlings planting. Combat greenwashing by tracing your trees back to the exact forest they live.

Biodiversity Focused

Our projects not only meet your carbon goals, but are established for biodiversity and ecosystem restoration. Multiple species are selected and sourced from the local area.

Support our projects, achieve your purpose

Our impact


Hectares of native forest under managment

From Cape Reinga to Bluff, And all of the eligible surrounding islands we manage native forests across Aotearoa.


Tonnes of Co2 to sequester

Every year thousands of Tonnes of carbon dioxide are sequestered by our forests, releasing oxygen and improving the air quality for our neighbouring towns and cities.


Trees funded

Support the call to rewild the landscape for ourselves and the generations to follow.