Grow Native Forests
For $20 a month, make a commitment to restore the planet and offset your carbon footprint.
Plant your native forest today.
Join hundreds of individuals and businesses that are being rewarded for taking action.

How it works

1. Choose a plan that works for you
Choose a plan that best suits your budget, starting from 2 trees a month.
2. Earn carbon credits from your trees as they grow
You'll be planting trees in your native forest, and creating carbon removal.
3. Follow forest updates
In our app you can follow the status of your tree plantings and your carbon credit balance.
4. Sell or offset your carbon credits
Easily sell or offset your carbon through our carbon market.

A mission worth joining

Our goal is to plant more trees than any organisation or individual in the world.

Our first milestone is to fund 2,500 trees native trees a month!

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Trees currently funded monthly: 321

Choose a plan


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  • Fund 2 native trees per month*
    240kg of CO2 will be removed over the trees life
  • Earn carbon credits from the trees you plant


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  • Fund 10 native trees per month*
  • 1.2 tonnes of CO2 will be removed over the trees life
  • Earn carbon credits from the trees you plant

Grow your own

per tree
  • Select the quantity of native trees planted per month
  • 120kg of CO2 will be removed over each trees life
  • Earn carbon credits from the trees you plant
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*This quantity is determined based on our best estimate of the number of Native Trees you're funding and their anticipated carbon credit generation. By proceeding, you are purchasing a set quantity of future carbon credits per quoted Native Tree. Please refer to our terms for more details.
Fund NZ native trees
Doing the right thing is simple and affordable. Support what you value and be rewarded for it.
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NZ native forests in your pocket
Get regular project updates to see where your trees are getting planted and the impact they are making.
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Earn carbon credits
The trees you plant generate high quality carbon credits that you can sell or offset.
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What type of carbon credits do I earn?


All carbon credits earned from your trees will be verified native forest New Zealand Units (NZUs) that are registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) under the Permanent Post 1989 (PP89) classification.

What happens to my carbon credits if trees die?


We have a buffer of carbon credits held in contingency, but ultimately, if in the worst case scenario the trees do not survive, you will not earn carbon credits as they will not exist. We have strict parameters when choosing partners to plant with based on the location, past planting success and the forest management plan/capabilities.

Can I sell or offset a fraction of a carbon credit when I have earned it?


No, currently we can only work with whole units as the registry (NZETR) your carbon is held on does not account for fractional carbon units.

Do I earn carbon credits before the trees are planted?


No, our trees are registered in the NZ ETS, this is one of the world’s most reputable and leading carbon programs. You only earn carbon credits from the trees once they are planted in our projects which happen during Winter/Spring each year.

When do you plant my trees?


This depends on the time of year you start your subscription and planting dates for our partner projects. To communicate this, we have different statuses for all of your trees so that you can see what stage they are in - Funded, Purchased, Planted. When they are planted, you will be able to trace them to the project and follow them through project updates.

What can I do with my carbon credits once I have earned them?


- Sell them on our marketplace
- Offset them via our marketplace
- Withdraw them to your NZ ETR account and sell them on another market