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We are here to rewild New Zealand with beautiful native forest and make sure those responsible for it are rewarded.

My Native Forest is built around the question — how do we incentivise the planting of more native forest in New Zealand? 

To that end, we integrate fintech solutions and forestry science to deliver an innovative, simple to use carbon investment platform that speeds up the planting of native forest for landowners by removing barriers to capital. This in turn provides ordinary kiwis an opportunity to invest in something impactful.

Exciting challenges lie ahead — new technologies, millions of trees to plant and harnessing the power of ordinary kiwis to make a difference. Guided by our values, we'll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our community. Join us!

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Our work is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. The technical challenges that arise from mixing and simplifying financial technology and forestry science will be ground breaking.

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New Zealand’s natural environment is critical to our quality of life and competitive advantage. Yet investment in this, our most valuable asset, is reserved for those who have the time and energy to navigate complex carbon trading schemes.  At MyNativeForest, we employ a combination of fintech and forestry science to simplify this process, lowering barriers to entry for investors and landowners alike. 

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Carbon is traded the world over and is set to become a critical commodity, inseparable from the global transition away from fossil fuels. But not all carbon is created equal; carbon from native forests is of higher quality and valued accordingly. By subsidising the costs of planting native forest through futures trading, our smart platform grows, and then harvests, lucrative native carbon production on your behalf.

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The My Native Forest platform uses innovative and purpose-built software that takes care of the heavy lifting, both for us and for you. In practice, this means no hefty consultancy fees, automated reporting, smartphone portfolio management and smaller investment opportunities. Moreover, it allows us to free up more funds for native tree planting. 

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