Carbon Calculator for Tree Funding

An interactive calculator that gives you an indication of the carbon you will earn based on the number of trees you invest in.

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About the calculator

Welcome to our Carbon Return Calculator for Tree Funding!

This interactive tool is designed to help investors and businesses understand the potential carbon sequestration returns from their investment in tree planting over a 50-year period.

Whether you're an individual investor considering a tree-planting subscription, or a business looking to offset your carbon emissions and enhance your sustainability profile, this calculator can provide valuable insights.

How to Use the Calculator:
1. Number of trees you will fund each year
: Enter the number of trees you plan to fund each year through your subscription or custom funding plan.
2. Number of years will you fund trees: Input the duration of your investment. This could be the length of your subscription or the timeframe over which you plan to fund tree planting as a business.

After filling out these fields, click on the "Calculate" button. The table below will populate with your estimated carbon sequestration returns over time.

Understanding Your Results:

The results table provides a year-by-year breakdown of your estimated carbon sequestration returns. Here's how to interpret each column:

- Year: This is the calendar year, it always starts from the current year.
- Trees Funded: The number of trees funded by your investment in that particular year.
- Carbon Sequestered: The total amount of carbon dioxide sequestered by the trees funded in that year, calculated based on the age of each tree funded and its corresponding sequestration rate.
- Total Carbon Sequestered: The cumulative carbon sequestration from all trees funded up until the given year, serving as the carbon return on your investment.

Remember, these calculations are estimates. Actual results may vary based on your planting year. If you are funding trees after August, those trees will most likely be allocated to the following years planting projects.

By using this tool, you can gain a clearer understanding of the potential impact of your investment in tree planting on carbon sequestration. This can help inform your decision-making process, allowing you to see the potential for both environmental impact and recognition for contributing to global sustainability goals.

Investing in trees is more than just good business—it's a tangible step towards a greener, healthier planet. Use this tool to understand your contribution to the fight against climate change.