Purau Woodland

Presently Purau Woodland is covered in pasture, which offers little if any biodiversity, but the varied morphology of the headland, with different aspects, outcrops and wet areas provides grounds for native species to establish naturally.

an aerial shot of Purau Woodland before planting

This future forest overlooks a small island with a big history

The presence of native species on the outer fringes of the headland, such as mahoe, kanuka, ngaiao, prostrate kowhai, native broom/carmichaelia provide evidence of restoration potential.

On a neighboring property there is an established native forest that has been growing for 20 years and Purau Woodland itself has older native trees scattered around the land that look lonely in the landscape.

The vision for this forest is not only geared for ecological restoration, but also to benefit the local community by connecting the future forest to a walkway that currently stops at its doorstep.

Purau Woodland Impact




Tonnes of CO2 sequestration


Native trees to plant


Established first planting

Purau Woodland will be planted in stages

Purau Woodland will be planted in stages, starting with the less exposed, wetter areas that are close to the neighboring native forest.

When fully planted, this site has the potential to sequester upto 10,000 tonnes of CO2, host thousands of species of bird and wildlife and help protect our ocean from degradation through erosion protection.

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Environmental and Community Outcomes


Carbon Sequestration

By returning Purau Woodland to native bush, it will naturally absorb and store carbon, aiding in the fight against climate change.


Erosion Protection

The native vegetation in Purau Woodland will stabilize soil and reduce erosion, protecting waterways and landscapes.



Restoring native bush in Purau Woodland will increase the variety of local flora and fauna, enhancing ecological balance.


Local Walking Tracks

Establishing walking tracks in Purau Woodland will provide community access to natural spaces, promoting physical activity and nature connection.


Habitat Creation

The restoration effort will develop vital habitats for indigenous wildlife, promoting biodiversity and ecological resilience.


Mental Wellbeing

The revitalisation of Purau Woodland into native bush will offer a serene environment, supporting community mental health and wellness.