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Calculate your potential ETS carbon credit returns per hectare of native forest.


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About the calculator

To aid landowners in understanding the carbon offset potential of their forests, we've developed a Carbon Sequestration Calculator for ETS registered forest.

This tool is specifically tailored for those interested in registering their forest land in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).

How to Use the Calculator
To use the Carbon Sequestration Calculator, you'll need to input the following data:
1. Forest Size (in hectares): Enter the total area of your forest land.
2. Establishment Year: Input the year your forest was planted or established.

Once the data is entered, click on the 'Submit' button to calculate the potential carbon sequestration of your forest.

Please note that the establishment year should not be earlier than 1990. If it is, an error message will be displayed.

Understanding the Results
The calculator will generate a yearly report starting from the current age of your forest up to 50 years of age. For each year, the report shows:
1. The Year: This is the calendar year corresponding to the age of the forest.
2. Annual New Zealand Units Claim: This represents the New Zealand Units - or carbon credits - your forest could claim for that year.
3. Cumulative New Zealand Units: This is the total New Zealand Units - or carbon credits -  your forest could claim from its establishment year up to and including the given year.

The tool also provides a summary including the current age of your forest and the total potential carbon return over the life of the forest up to 50 years.

To get an indication of your potential financial return, multiply the relevant carbon return number by today's carbon price.

This calculator aims to provide landowners a clearer understanding of their forest's potential in earn carbon credits under the NZ ETS.

Your forest is not guaranteed to be eligible for the ETS, please read our blog on the requirements.

Please note: While this tool provides an estimate based on the indigenous carbon lookup tables supplied by MPI, actual sequestration may differ based on forest management, carbon accounting method and local environmental conditions. For a comprehensive assessment of your forest's carbon offset potential, consider submitting a free land assessment with MyNativeForest above.

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