Mason Hills


A whopping 1,350 hectares of grassland has been retired from grazing and is reverting to native bush. This massive increase in native vegetation will protect waterways and create more biodiversity. This Forever Forest is a mixture of mature and regenerating native forest areas.

  • Approximately 50% of this forest contains mature native forest areas.
  • This will supply the seed source to enable future reversion to occur, alongside supplementary planting by the landowners.
  • Preserving this native forest improves the water quality of nearby rivers and coastal waters.

The Mason Hills Forever Forest project has been supported by Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service through the One Billion Trees Programme. This programme provided support to retire neighbouring grazed areas and undertook fencing to protect native forest areas.

This forest feeds directly into a significant sized river in the Hurunui region, and the retirement of this land and regeneration of native bush will directly result in improved water quality of nearby streams and rivers. The improved fencing and pest control put in place on this property will mean significant expansion and growth of the regenerating native forest areas.

Tree species

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Environmental Impact

This native forest is boosting the biodiversity of its ecosystem

Carbon sequestration
Erosion protection
Habitat creation
Improved air quality
Improved waterways
Nutrient recycling

Community Impact

This native forest has had the following community impacts

Cultural significance
Mental wellbeing
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