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Achieve your net zero commitments with easy to implement, impactful and traceable carbon removal projects.

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Partner with us at MyNativeForest to integrate nature-based carbon removal into your strategy.

Our platform enables your entity to participate in biodiversity restoration, earn carbon credits, and contribute to the restoration of native forests.

Experience transparent, traceable, and scalable solutions that align with government-backed schemes, ensuring your investments in the environment are authentic, protected, and impactful.

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Commercial outcomes

For native forest restoration to achieve scale, it needs to be commercialised and provide tangible business outcomes.


End-to-end solution

Arranging a planting with a landowner is a complex transaction across multiple professional disciplines, with our service you focus on your outcomes.


Technology enabled

With our partners we are focused on creating cost efficient solutions to manage and track the lifecycle of a native forest.



Our planting pipeline is always full and with our model, we are able to deploy funds at any scale across a multitude of projects.



Through the use of software, we can track investments back to the exact project it was deployed in, giving you confidence in your claims.


Value for money

With a focus on just native forests, each dollar spent supporting a project with MyNativeForest has compounding benefits; purchasing carbon credits, restoring biodiversity and data supported storytelling.

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Calculate how many trees your would need to fund based on your net zero target.

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Calculate how much carbon your trees could return based on your funding level and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of carbon credits do I earn?

All carbon credits earned from your trees will be verified native forest New Zealand Units (NZUs) that are registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) under the Permanent Post 1989 (PP89) classification. If you choose to fund an entire forest project, we can provide options on voluntary carbon schemes.

What happens to my carbon credits if trees die?

We hold insurance for forest replacement, but ultimately, if in the worst case scenario the trees do not survive, you will not earn carbon credits as they will not exist. We have strict parameters when choosing partners to plant with based on the location, past planting success and the forest management plan/capabilities.

Can I sell or offset a fraction of a carbon credit when I have earned it?

No, currently we can only work with whole units as the registry (NZETR) your carbon is held on does not account for fractional carbon units.

Do I earn carbon credits before the trees are planted?

No, our trees are registered in the NZ ETS, this is one of the world’s most reputable and leading carbon programs. You only earn carbon credits from the trees once they are planted in our projects which happens during Winter/Spring each year.

When do you plant my trees?

This depends on the time of year you start your subscription and planting dates for our partner projects. To communicate this, we have different statuses for all of your trees so that you can see what stage they are in - Funded, Purchased, Planted. When they are planted, you will be able to trace them to the project and follow them through project updates.

What can I do with my carbon credits once I have earned them?

- Sell them on our marketplace
- Offset them via our marketplace
- Withdraw them to your NZ ETR account and sell them on another market