Carbon Calculator for Tree Funding

Welcome to Restore

Hilti's exclusive offering for our Fleet Management customers. We are excited to announce our partnership with MyNativeForest, a renowned organization dedicated to restoring ecosystems and biodiversity in New Zealand.

As a valued Fleet Management customer, you have the opportunity to join Restore and make a positive difference to the environment. Restore provides the flexibility for you to sign up whenever you choose and select the contribution service that aligns with your sustainability goals.

By becoming a Restore member, you unlock exclusive benefits that demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Let's explore what's in store for you:

  • Post-ready marketing material: Showcase your dedication to sustainability with professionally designed marketing materials that highlight your involvement in the restoration efforts.
  • Detailed reports: Stay informed about the impact you're making. Receive regular reports that provide insights into the number of trees you have planted, their specific locations, and the amount of carbon they have sequestered. This allows you to track your positive environmental footprint.
  • Invitations to exclusive events: Immerse yourself in the restoration journey. As a Restore member, you will receive exclusive invitations to ambassador site-visits and planting events. These experiences enable you to witness first-hand the transformation taking place and actively contribute to the cause. Verified
  • Carbon emission certificates: Receive recognition for your environmental contributions. Through Restore, you will be granted verified carbon emission certificates, affirming the positive impact you have made by participating in the program.

We understand your curiosity about the potential impact your Hilti toolpark can have on reforestation efforts. To determine the exact number of trees your Hilti toolpark could plant, we encourage you to contact your dedicated Hilti Account Manager. They will provide personalized information tailored to your specific requirements.

Thank you for joining us as we embark on this remarkable journey to restore ecosystems and biodiversity in New Zealand. Together, let's create a lasting impact and build a greener, more sustainable future.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Hilti Account Manager.

How to use the calculator

How to Use the Calculator:
1. Number of trees you will fund each year
: Enter the number of trees you plan to fund each year through your subscription or custom funding plan.
2. Number of years will you fund trees: Input the duration of your investment. This could be the length of your subscription or the timeframe over which you plan to fund tree planting as a business.

After filling out these fields, click on the "Calculate" button. The table below will populate with your estimated carbon sequestration returns over time.

Understanding Your Results:

The results table provides a year-by-year breakdown of your estimated carbon sequestration returns. Here's how to interpret each column:

- Year: This is the calendar year, it always starts from the current year.
- Trees Funded: The number of trees funded by your investment in that particular year.
- Carbon Sequestered: The total amount of carbon dioxide sequestered by the trees funded in that year, calculated based on the age of each tree funded and its corresponding sequestration rate.
- Total Carbon Sequestered: The cumulative carbon sequestration from all trees funded up until the given year, serving as the carbon return on your investment.

Remember, these calculations are estimates. Actual results may vary based on your planting year. If you are funding trees after August, those trees will most likely be allocated to the following years planting projects.